Congratulations to Rebecca from Ohio, United States on winning our 3 Week Letter Writing Theme Challenge for her beautiful letter on the theme of “A moment I will never forget…” – a touching, honest and thoughtful reflection on the theme about a challenging life event as a kind of ‘Blessing in disguise’ (in full below)

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in our Letter Writing Theme Challenge!

Your letters were funny, touching and full of heart and they all found their way to an inbox or letter box of another Talking to Strangers Project member somewhere around the world.

Our winner sent us this super cute photo of herself with her prize, a copy of the Best Selling Letters of Note, a collection of noteworthy letters throughout history. 

Rebecca said:

“Thank you so much for this!  I’ve fallen in love with this project, and am honored to be chosen.  May this book and what this project does and means to folks, be a guiding light that binds humankind all together.  I will cherish this always, and again, thank you!”

Rebecca’s Letter

“The moment I’ll never forget is the moment that I realized that life is okay, and worth another try the next day. It wasn’t easy to come to this conclusion, but every day I’m grateful I’m giving it another go.

And, to make it even crazier for me, I have becoming disabled, to be thankful for this decision as well.

I never expected to become disabled at the age of 32, but that’s how life dealt the cards at me. Forced to greatly halt everything I did, including work and taking care of family members, I remember being so angry at the heavens, and just guilty that my body failed when people needed me.

It was only through a group of friends who pulled me into their circle, and became my family while we all looked at my puzzle pieces, that I realized I am worthy of love, attention, time, and the ability to become my own person, and not what my family or my environment think I should be.

Was this easy? Oh heavens no, it was far from it. But I realize now that there are three words that mean everything to me:

I’m worth it.

It took a physical illness to knock me down, but you can guarantee I’ve done my hard work to get back to where I need to be.

I hope this note finds you happy, healthy, whole, and maybe even a bit inspired to keep going, if you’re in need of that support.

You’re worth it.”

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