How it works

Upcycled & vintage stationery
Write your message online, we'll do the rest!
Send & receive mail, safely!

Send mail to people anywhere
via snail mail or email

Choose the type of mail you'd like to send, submit your message online & we'll do the rest! Opt  to send & receive mail or send mail only, simply, privately & securely.

We use upcycled & vintage postcards, cards & letter writing stationery which we’ll handpick from our collection for every mail message ordered. You can choose to send a postcard, letter, card or email to someone you don’t know, somewhere across the world.

Choose the kind of mail you’d like to send, submit your message and we’ll do the rest! You can choose to make a donation to help cover postage costs when you order your mail.  We’ll handpick something from our upcycled stationery stash, handwrite your message and send it to someone you don’t know. We’ll never share your address or personal details with anyone, ever.

Your surprise mail will make someone’s day. If you opted to receive mail when you signed up, you’ll get mail from other Talking to Strangers Project members too. All mail will be moderated, just in case. So the mail you send & receive will always be safe! 


  • Sign up (it's free to sign up and use)
  • Select your send & receive mail preferences
  • You can choose to send and receive mail with anyone, people who share your interests, those in your age range or people of the same gender
  • Opt to send mail using your first name (or nickname) or completely anonymously
  • We will never share your contact details with anyone, ever.


  • Select the type of mail you want to send
  • Choose from postcards, emails, cards, letters or choose our featured messages if you're at a loss for words
  • You can draft & save messages to send later at any time in 'Draft messages' on your account page
  • Simply copy & paste messages from your saved drafts from the saved drafts when you're ready to send mail
  • Write your mail messages! Use our random first sentence generator to help you get started
  • Share a story, a joke, pearls of wisdom, recipes, a poem or quote - whatever's on your mind. Make it creative, personal, funny or inspiring!
  • Add an optional donation to help cover postage.


  • Order your mail online and we'll handpick something from our upcycled stationery collection & handwrite your message
  • We'll post (or email) your mail to another member of the Talking to Strangers Project based on the mail preferences you selected at sign up
  • We'll never share your data or contact details with anyone ever.
  • If you wish to share your contact details with another member after corresponding for a time, you can include your email or postal address in your message & invite them to contact you directly.


  • If you opted to receive mail when you signed up, you'll get mail from other TTSP members too
  • Receive mail via snail mail or inbox from other TTSP members
  • To reply to mail you've received, you can reply online at the 'Reply to your mail' tab on your account page
  • Don't forget to update your contact details in your account page if you move or change your email address so you don't miss out on mail
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